Saturday, November 14, 2009

My experiences with IE8

I was a bit apprehensive to use the IE8 which created a buzz amongst developers and technology enthusiasts.
But I must say I am impressed by the sheer number of features supported by IE8. First and foremostly, MS had a re-look at the pathetic rendering engine
Trident and made significant changes in Trident which are noteworthy and are visible from the outset of the browser.

My favourite features of IE8:

  • The best feature I liked was to select a part of page and use it as a live bookmark:O Yep, its as easy as it gets!
  • The addons offered from IE are cool and there are quite a few of them.
  • Great security features with respect to the private browsing sessions provided and .
  • Inter translation of pages leveraging the globalization aspect of websites.
  • As a web developer who was to constantly work with colours of web pages, width of web page elements there s great news for you. Stay on a web page and just press F12 to open the trident rendering engine. Not only the tool shows details of the page, it also provides profiling of web pages. Added to this, there are tools like colorpix and cool ruler integrated which are handy for a website designer.
  • Pretty fast browsing speed.
  • Right click options of the browser are noteworthy although most of the right click options are tightly linked to windows live and other MS products like excel and one-note.

On the down side, few features of IE8 in particular and IE in general always bother me.

  • IE8 caches a lot of data. Infact IE8`s memory consumption is comparable to that of FF owing to the caching.
  • I hate the tick tick sound when a page gets rendered. Dont know how this issue has not been noticed my MS.

So, thus ends my experiences of the short stint with IE8.Comments and discussions on the same are always welcome :)