Thursday, August 6, 2009

My favourite sites and tools.

I am addicted to the internet and am obviously fascinated by the way in which the websites have evolved and so also the content. In this blog, I am going to list out a few of my favourite sites which I regularly go through to update myself with the happenings in the world.

I always believe that if you want to search anything on the internet, be it books, information or anything which you are interested in, try to see only from authentic sources. For example, if its book you are researching on, see the review of the book in You will also get related links related to the book that you have searched on amazon.

Below are the list of the few of my favourite sites

Technology related:
  • - is the blog on Microsoft Technologies which I am interested in and I regularly go through
  • is the blog which tells about the current trends in IT.
  • is the website to learn basic website building skills.
  • about the various user experience related blog. This blog is created by the previous organisation where I used to work.
  • which gives the latest technology trends of the world.
  • to search for any APIs that are available for free which might be needed for solving a problem.
  • htttp:// has the complete list of hollywood and foreign language movies
  • gives the list of hollywood movies box office performance.
  • if a person is interested in learning a foreign language online.
P.S: The list will be evergrowing as the web is ever growing. So will update this blog regularly. Also, there might be better sites than what I have mentioned in the blog entry. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.


  1. nice one sir.....but i think i don't agree with the review aspect you have mentioned

  2. From when did you start blogging? O.o Anyway, keep at it :)